Top Secret Ingredients to Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

According to Brilliance Cleaning South Perth, carpet cleaning methods the struggle is real when it comes to carpet cleaning. Spills, drops, accidents, and anything else that you may have stepped on with your shoes almost always threaten to ruin your carpet regardless of your all your attempts to keep it clean. Learn 5 top secret ingredients to keep your carpets spotless and looking new.

  1. Club Soda

Not many may know it but club soda, a type of carbonated water, is effective in removing stains from your carpet. This is especially true for wine and beer stains. To use club soda for carpet cleaning effectively, you simply have to blot the stained area with club soda daubed on a piece of cloth.

  1. Vinegar Solution

If club soda doesn’t do it, you can mix white vinegar and water in a handheld sprayer. The vinegar solution should be sprayed on the spot and let it soak in for 10 to 15 minutes. Then soak up the solution and stain with a clean sponge. The process may have to be repeated a number of times before the stain is removed.

When the stain is eradicated, the stained area should be rinsed with warm water. Brush the carpet strands with your hand into their natural direction. Place toilet paper on the spot with something heavy weighing on it in order to make them absorb the carpet’s dampness. Finally, allow your carpet to dry in a day.

  1. Shaving Cream

Ordinary shaving cream is one of the best carpet cleaning secrets for general stains. It may seem unlikely, but shaving cream applied directly can get rid of almost every kind of stain. When the shaving cream has set after about 30 minutes, you can use dry white cloth to wipe it off. Lastly, spray the stained spot with vinegar solution. Complete the process by using cloth to remove the solution.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Another handy ingredient to carpet cleaning is hydrogen peroxide. This is especially true for blood stains, one of the most obvious stains that can blemish your rag. Begin by loosening dried blood with mild detergent mixed with water. Then begin scraping off the blood from the carpet. Hydrogen peroxide applied directly on the area will take care of any remaining stain, foaming as it touches blood particles. Finish by drying the carpet with a towel.

  1. Dishwashing liquid

Last in this list is dishwashing liquid which is considered by cleaning professionals to be the best weapon against some of the most difficult-to-clean grease stains. You can put a drop or two of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray this solution on the stained area. Repeat as many times as needed.