Answers To The 7 Most Asked Questions About Millboard Decking

Answers To The 7 Most Asked Questions About Millboard Decking

Most people are aware of or have heard of wooden decking, but what many are not so familiar with, are the modern alternatives such as composite decking and millboard decking. In particular, millboard decking seems to be one which few are particularly knowledgeable about.

This is a great shame because when compared to all other decking options, and especially when compared to wood decking, millboard decking has many advantages over them. Just in case you are reading this, and you too are not as familiar with millboard decking as you would like, Decking Sydney are going to answer some of the most asked questions about it.

Where Can Millboard Decking Be Used?

One of the great benefits of millboard decking is its versatility. This means not only can be used to enhance just about any kind of property, but the ways in which it can be used are varied too. Whether you want to make a small bench, planters for flowers, or a walkway around your pool, millboard decking is suitable for them all, plus a whole lot more.

Does Millboard Decking Require Sealing?

This often gets asked as wood decking will need sealing in order to protect it. However, you need not go to any trouble to seal millboard decking, as it will have been sealed properly at the factory as part of the manufacturing process. Not only does this mean less effort during installation, but your costs are reduced too.

How Consistent Are The Colours On Millboard Decking

Whilst the colour variations on wood decking can be attractive, not everyone likes them, and therefore a consistent colour across the surface of any decking is preferred by them. The simple answer is yes with regards to  millboard decking but try to buy it all in one batch. The reason is that different batches may have variations in colour, albeit only very slight ones.

Is Millboard Decking Slip-Resistant?

In a word, ‘Yes’, and this is one of the greatest advantages of millboard decking over wooden decking. The coatings that are applied to millboard decking during its production mean that spillages and rainwater should not make the millboard decking any less safe than if it were dry. This makes it ideal for installing near pools, or for families where there are children or the elderly.

Does Millboard Decking Easily Mark?

The coatings that are applied to millboard decking when it is being produced, not only help it resist marks, but it also helps prevent scratches and stains too.  Whilst it will resist all of these, it still makes sense to be careful, especially when dragging items across its surface such as garden furniture, and to clear up anything that has been dropped or spilled on it as soon as possible.

Is Millboard Decking Suitable for All-Weathers?

Millboard is suitable for all weathers, including some which you might not ever experience, depending on where you live. For example, icy conditions might not be an issue for you, but nevertheless, millboard decking can cope with it. In fact, hot conditions are more of an issue, not so much in terms of damage, but as it retains heat, walking on it with bare feet might not always be recommended.

How Easy Or Difficult Is Millboard Decking To Keep Clean?

Not difficult at all. In fact, it is extremely easy. A quick brush to remove any debris or rubbish, such as leaves, and a wipe over with a wet mop to remove liquids such as dried in spilled orange juice, are all that is needed.