Tips For Organising Your Belongings In A Rental Storage Unit


Renting a storage unit is an excellent solution for those who need extra space to store their belongings when they have limited space at home, or a life event is taking place, such as moving to a new home.  However, the benefit of doing so only applies if you keep your storage unit organised and therefore make it easy to access everything you have stored. To assist you with that aim, here are some tips to help you organise your belongings effectively in your storage unit.

Choose The Correct Size Storage Unit

The first step to organising your rental storage unit is to choose the right size storage unit in the first place. Most storage facilities offer units of varying sizes, so make sure you choose one that fits your requirements. A unit that is too small will not store everything you want without the temptation to cram it all in no matter how disorganised that leaves it all. Conversely, renting a unit that is too big means you will be paying for unnecessary storage space.

To determine the right size, make a list of all the items you need to store, and estimate the amount of space required. Additionally, consider whether you will need to access your belongings frequently or not. This will help you decide on the best unit size for your needs. If you are unsure, speak to the storage facility staff who will happily provide you with expert advice.

Label And Itemise Your Belongings

Once you have chosen an appropriate storage unit size, the next step is to start packing your belongings. Before you start, ensure that you label and itemise everything you are taking to the storage facility. This step will save you time and effort when you need to find something later.

Label each box clearly with the contents and the room in your home it came from and make a list of the items in each box and keep it accessible. This way, you can easily locate something you need without having to sift through all your boxes.

Use Appropriate Packing Material

Using appropriate packing materials is essential to keep your belongings safe and secure. Sturdy boxes that can support the weight of your items without collapsing are the best option. When packing fragile items, use bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent breakages and if you are storing clothes, use wardrobe boxes with a hanging bar to keep them in good condition. Use packing tape to seal your boxes securely as this will prevent dust and dirt from entering your boxes.

Create A Layout Plan

Before you start loading your storage unit, create a layout plan by deciding where everything will go in the unit. When creating your layout plan ensure that you can access all items easily without having to move everything around. Start by placing your larger items, such as furniture, at the back of the unit. Then, stack your boxes and smaller items on top of them, leaving a clear walkway in the middle. Ensure that you leave enough space for any items you may need to access regularly.

Maximise Vertical Space

One of the best ways to maximise your rental storage space is to think vertically. Stacking your boxes and items as high as possible, making sure they are stable and will not topple over is the key to this. Use shelving units to create more space and keep your items organised by labelling these shelves. As part of this process, if you are storing large, bulky items such as furniture, consider disassembling them to save space.

Regularly Declutter Your Storage Unit

It is easy to fall into the trap of decluttering your home by accumulating unnecessary items in your storage unit, only to find that it becomes cluttered and disorganised, especially if you are using your storage unit for an extended period. To maximise the space in your unit and to keep it organised, remove any items that you no longer need or use. Ideally, you should regularly go through your items and identify those that you can donate, sell or dispose of.

If you discover that even after this decluttering process you still have too many items for the storage unit you have then it might the case that you should speak to your storage facility staff to enquire about renting a larger storage unit. It may cost you a bit more, but it will be worth it to have a larger storage unit which will be easier to keep organised.