Think Modular: Designing Your Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen

How do you transform your cooking space into a modern kitchen? Contemporary design nowadays favors going for a more modular and minimalist style for your kitchen cabinets to make it easier to customize, repair, reuse parts, and upgrade and lessen costs. Check out the following cool tips in designing your modern kitchen:

  • It’s time to clear your countertop to make sure nothing gets in the way in whatever it is you need to do in your kitchen. Countertops must be kept free for cooking-related activities in the way of chopping, dicing, and handling food ingredients rather than serve as passive repository of various kitchen implements, bottles, utensils, and jars which are best hung on the wall or kept on cabinets.
  • Consider animating your cooking space by putting up some color. Replace the shabby appearance typical of old-school kitchens. Try some bright colors or soothing pastel shades.
  • Backsplash shouldn’t be a boring affair. Backsplash can come in exciting patterns, mosaics, and bright contrasting colors that adds some spice to its kitchen functions.

  • Try experimenting with built-in spaces that keep appliances off your countertop. These spaces typical of contemporary modular kitchens can be designed to lodge your stove, coffeemaker, microwave, and other appliances that may crowd your countertop.
  • Customizing your cabinets with plain or colored glass shutters may help give your kitchen a modern feel without too much additional cost. You have the option to reveal or hide the interior of your glass-fronted cabinets.
  • Don’t forget to make sure your kitchen floors don’t look dismal or bleak. Make them eye-catching as well by giving them a stunning pattern or get them to take on a pleasing contrast to the colors of your kitchen walls or cabinets.
  • While necessarily the place where your dirty dishes are laid down, kitchen sinks are a highly visible portion of the kitchen. You can benefit from attractive and conveniently functional designs to help you make a quick work of those dishes.
  • A large enough space should benefit from a kitchen island where your family can interact and hang out face to face while cooking, cleaning up, even eating. Adding cabinets below the island can greatly expand your storage space too.
  • Kitchen lighting can greatly enhance your kitchen, making sure that you’re not in the dark when your preparing food or washing dishes. Lights in your cabinet and overhead ensure that you’re not slicing your fingers or taking the wrong utensils.

  • Lastly, an open kitchen, which is not really separate from your dining or living rooms is the best space saving option that gives you a lot of room for cooking and interacting with the rest of the household at the same time.