Top Removalist Tips to Get Ready for Moving Home

Moving Home

Worrying about the big move? Fret no more if you have no truck to carry your belongings or friends to help you out packing and moving things. Get a professional removals company to do all the work for you. But to effectively put removalists to work to your advantage you have to be acquainted with the entire moving process to know the work they do from packing, wrapping, assembly, to unpacking, and disassembly. Expert removalists, Brilliance Removalists Melbourne, helped us select some top removalist tips to get ready for moving home:

  1. Get ready to pack ahead of time

Just like when you’re getting ready for an exam, it’s also not a good idea to cram everything the night before your move. Best to start collecting boxes and old newspapers for the move a few weeks prior. One way to hit two birds with one stone is to wrap your glassware with clothes, eliminating the need for you to use old newspapers and packing both items at the same time.

  1. Check the weather

It is important to look at the weather forecasts at least a few days before moving to get ready for any eventuality. If, for example, it would be raining hard on your scheduled day of moving, you’d at least be ready with tarps, towels, and umbrellas. You can also include putting towels by the door of your new home to avoid dirtying the interior.

  1. Changing your address

Changing your address can often be forgotten for days after moving because of the frenzy over all the unpacking, disassembly of fixtures, and arrangement of the new home. Best to inform friends, family, billing statements, banks, your doctor, and other important people your new address ahead of time.

  1. Turn off all appliances and utilities

When it’s time to move, you can have power, water, internet, and all other utilities and appliances turned off to save on expenses.

  1. Make your pets feel comfortable

To make your pets comfortable with your new abode, it would be best to take them with you when visiting and bringing smaller items to your new home. This way they can be more familiar with their new surroundings even before the actual move.

  1. Cancel your deliveries

It is advisable to avoid ordering items for delivery or cancelling existing deliveries to your old home a few days before moving. If this is impossible, you may have the deliveries go to your new address.

  1. Triple check everything

Lastly, triple check everything to make sure that you’ve lost none of your belongings during the move. Check out every nook and cranny, every shelf and drawer, then have a companion double check too.