How to Choose the Perfect Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

How to Choose the Perfect Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

What many people appreciate about being able to work with custom cabinet makers is having a say in what the cabinetry looks like. When you purchase kit-set kitchens, all components are pre-designed, leaving you with just the option of a few colours and styles.

But all that freedom of having a say in your kitchen’s design can be overwhelming. Here are a few things that you may be asked to think about before the final product is revealed.

Cabinet Door Profile

Cabinet doors are available in all sorts of different profiles. Such variety can mean you may have a hard time deciding on which type will suit your home. Of course, a kitchen expert will be able to offer their advice, but you can also make the decision on your own.

Some of the most popular options include recessed square, slab, raised arch, and recessed miter. These profiles are all unique, so take your time deciding which one will blend in with the rest of your kitchen’s design.

Material Type and Colour

One of the hardest parts about designing your own kitchen with a cabinet maker is choosing the materials and colours. You want a kitchen that’s uniquely you, but you also want to make sure it’s on-trend for prospective purchasers in the future.

Cabinet makers can give you a swatch book of options to consider. They can even show you photos of past kitchens they have installed so you can gain some inspiration. It may end up not being as hard as you think to decide.

Functionality vs. Style

You may be adamant that you’re looking for a particular style of kitchen, only to find it’s probably not going to suit your home. For example, you might want shiny black cabinetry, only to be told that you’ll be forever cleaning your children’s fingerprints off it.

When you’re trying to strike a balance between functionality and style, don’t be afraid to ask the experts for help. That’s what they are there for.

Think About Things You Don’t Like

The primary reason people enlist a kitchen cabinet maker’s services is so they can get a new kitchen. It might be dated, worn, or it might have annoying features that you want to get rid of.

Think about the things that annoy you in your current kitchen. You might hate how the drawers slam shut or how they lack organisation. A kitchen expert can then develop a new kitchen solution, such as soft-close drawers and in-built organisational accessories.

Consider Storage

It can sometimes feel like you’ve either got too much kitchen storage space or not enough. Make sure that when you’re designing your new kitchen, you factor in how much space you really need. You might be an avid baker with a lot of supplies and baking equipment. In that case, you’ll need as many cupboards and drawers as possible.

Or, you might be an entertainer, so wine storage at the end of a cabinet may be worth your consideration, as well. Essentially, you’re going to want to walk through your current (or old) kitchen to find out if you genuinely have enough storage or if you could do with more or less.

When you’ve factored in everything you want and need, you can then talk to your chosen cabinetry team about what to do next. They can help you plan out your new dream kitchen that will put a smile on your face every time you enter it.