What Kind of Verandah Would You Like?


A verandah is a roofed addition to the house that runs along one side or the back, or even along the front of the house. It usually extends to the whole width of the home and can give the inhabitants extra room and an outdoor living area to enjoy. However, there are many different styles of patios and verandahs, so before you go ahead you may want to consider which one would suit you – and your home – best. Here are some tips to help you.

  • It is important to build a verandah that suits the architectural style of your home, whether that is a period home or a modern, contemporary one. It will need to be fully attached to the house.
  • While some verandahs are quite narrow, if your property allows it, wider is better as it allows more room for relaxing and your toes won’t be run over by your toddler in their push along vehicle.
  • Verandahs are usually rectangular, but they don’t have to be if your home suits a square or half round one.
  • You can get more use from your verandah in bad weather if you fill in the sides and/or front. This can be done with blinds or more permanent windows. Or shade cloth may be all that is required to keep out bugs and reduce the glare.

  • A verandah filled in with windows becomes more part of the house. You can close the windows on a hot or cold day and allow cooling or heating to make you more comfortable. Windows also keep out wind-blown rain and thus, protect the flooring and furniture.
  • You can easily add a barbeque and table for casual alfresco meals whether the verandah is filled in or not. This makes entertaining really easy, especially if your other living areas are on the smallish side.
  • Part or all of the roof can be of polycarbonate to let in more light. This can make a big difference to natural light in the house if you feel that adding a verandah would make the rooms too dark. It also enhances the verandah, allowing more light and warmth in.
  • If your verandah is not enclosed, will you have balustrades of some kind around the open side? This may be essential for safety if the verandah is high off the ground or if you want to keep pets or other animals off the verandah. Those living in semi-rural or rural areas may have ‘roos, rabbits or cattle to contend with, otherwise. Horses are not averse to visiting the verandah, either. Fences should be made mostly of verticals so that children cannot climb up and endanger their safety.