Different Types of Vegetable Garden Fencing

Vegetable Garden Fencing

Not all blocks of ground are large enough to offer a patch of ground for a vegetable garden as well as catering for a decorative one. But where there is plenty of room – or at least enough room – having a vegetable garden can offer many advantages. But fencing contractors would advise that fencing for a vegetable garden is quite different to that needed for a boundary fence.

Much depends on the location of your block, but even in the suburbs you can be pestered by wild rabbits or even pets that have escaped.  Just one night of munching can destroy all your hard work in the garden.  In addition, cats, kids and dogs are likely to run and dig through the garden, turning all your efforts and hopes of succulent and nutritious vegetables into nightmares.

So if you plan on growing your own veggies, first take stock of what you need to protect them. If there are rabbits nearby you can be sure they’ll find your garden sooner rather than later. The fence to keep rabbits out needs to be anchored quite deep into the ground, because rabbits dig deep naturally. You’ll need wire mesh at the very least to deal with these pests.

However, often it is the neighbourhood cats that ruin the garden as they love to turn it into an amenities block especially for them to use. It is really horrible to accidentally dig up their leavings, when you thought it was going to be a new potato or carrot.  Cats can jump really high, even over a six foot high steel panel fence.  If the problem is serious and you are intent on solving it, you may need a high fence with razor wire along the top.

Dogs are somewhat easier to control. While some may dig under, few would attempt to jump over. Moreover, they don’t dig as deep as rabbits, so a mesh fence that is anchored to the ground with steel pegs may do the trick.

If you live in the country and there are horses or cattle on the property you’ll have to guard your precious vegetables with barbed wire strands, mesh, or a timber rail fence. Mesh or a chain link fence will be needed to keep out sheep or goats.

When constructing a fence for the garden, don’t forget to leave a suitable gate for ease of entry. And the gate should be similar to the fence, otherwise those pests will quickly learn to get under or over the gate instead of the fence.

Birds are often another hazard in the garden.  Certain types love the soft leaves of peas or beans and they will dine on strawberries all day long. There is not a lot you can do about them, except to erect a scarecrow, teach your dog to chase them off, or add bird netting over the top of the garden.