Hiring Removalists or DIY Removals

Furniture Removalists

Some people try to save money and do the furniture removal themselves. There are arguments for and against and certainly the money saving aspect heads the ‘for’ list. Perhaps we should ask an experienced furniture removalist to outline the Pros and Cons of DIY removals or hiring professional furniture removalists such as Brilliance Removalists Perth.

Here’s Jason –

There are a few questions about the removal that need to be asked before we skip to the pros and cons. These are:

1) How big is your house?

2) How much stuff will be required to be moved?

3) Are you going to need a truck? If yes, how big? Or will a ute be okay?

4) Any valuable and breakable items with which you need to be especially careful?

5) What is access like at both the current house and the new place?

Once these questions have been answered you can then decide on a DIY removal or getting in touch with professional removalists.

For example, if your answer was that you have a big house, tons of stuff to move, a few breakables that you want to be careful with, and that the access might be a bit tricky, the suggestion would be that it is a job for the professionals.

But we said we would weigh up the Pros and Cons, so let’s do that anyway!

DIY Removal 

Everybody has a mate with a ute. It’s Australia. You can borrow him and his vehicle. You could even look at hiring a truck.


– Labour is the big cost and with family and friends you will save heaps.

– If you hire a truck or borrow a ute you can take your sweet time about it and spread the removal over a whole weekend.

– It’s your fragile stuff. Surely you will take care of it.


– Truck hire can blow out if you have it for too long.

– You need to fuel the truck and fuel the ute which, by the way, will do multiple trips.

– Not everybody is an expert at securing a load and there is some skill involved in packing items safely. The last thing you want to see are your possessions broken or sitting in the middle of the road!

– If you are using friends and family remember they are volunteers. There’s nothing stopping them from pulling out in the last minute.

– Back injuries from using the wrong lifting techniques. Manual labour isn’t for everyone.

– Great, you’ve shifted everything. Now, do you have the energy to unpack and put everything away?

And don’t forget, you still have to light the BBQ and cook the steak and snags to feed the helpers.

Furniture Removalists:


– They have all the right gear. Trolleys, straps, blankets, ramps and of course the right sized truck or van.

– You can’t beat experience and time efficiency. Less time to do everything. Why? They know what they are doing.

– The job is done and dusted in a day if it’s a domestic move. The rest of the weekend is yours to enjoy.

– It might turn out cheaper in the long run. Check your figures.

– You won’t be owing anybody any favours for helping you. Ha!


– Can be expensive if you are only wanting a few things moved.

– You may not find busy removal companies available on the day you want to move.


Doing it yourself with mates and a borrowed ute sounds like fun and a cheap option but it’s amazing how quickly during the move people wish they had used professionals. The suggestion is to get the best price you can and leave it the removalists. Your friends and family will thank you too!