5 Hardiest Pot Plants

Pot Plants

Not everyone is born wearing garden gloves. Sometimes, gardening is a learned skill, not one that comes naturally or for which you immediately have passion. If you believe there’s a fair chance that you’ll forget about your garden pots full of plants, then you’ll need to choose pot plants that will handle neglect. Here are a few such options below.


If you’re quite forgetful when it comes to plants, then perennials may be an excellent option for you. Once you plant them, you can almost leave them to their own devices to flourish and thrive. Perennials such as garvinea, gerbera, and jade will also look stunning as they bloom, even if it’s not your effort that got them to that point.

Perennials will also live for around three to five years but will spend a lot of this time in and out of growth. If you don’t require the prettiest plants in your garden pots year-round, add these to your shopping list.


Australian weather conditions can be quite harsh, with intense heat seeing only the most robust plants survive. Succulents will be one of them. These robust and beautiful little plants will look striking in your garden pots, but will also thrive on neglect. Ignore them, treat them poorly, and they will repay you by looking vibrant and colourful.

Humid-Proof Plants

Along with the intense, inescapable heat in Australia, there is also the humidity with which to contend. Not all plants are going to handle it well, but some will. Fill your garden pots up with salvia, gardenia, marigolds, and pansies. Not only are they bright, vibrant, and easy-care, but they will handle moisture and humidity well.

Shade-Proof Plants

Many plants love a mixture of shade and sun, but who has the time to shift their garden pots around as the day progresses? If you want to “set and forget”, then purchase hydrangeas and ferns. You can plant these underneath trees and in the shade, and they’ll enjoy their time away from the sun. You can also forget about them and let them work out survival for themselves.

Full Sun

Do you love looking out to your balcony and seeing colourful garden pots full of plant life? Not all plants are going to like being so exposed to sunlight with their roots contained, but several will. If you are planning on putting plants on your balcony, try citrus trees, geraniums, and once again, succulents. They thrive in the sunlight and don’t mind if you forget to water them from time to time.

It can be hard to stop yourself from buying new, pretty garden pots when they go on sale. The problem is, you then have to try and keep a plant alive within! Take the time to shop for weatherproof plants that you would have to try your hardest to kill. The convenience will be a breath of fresh air.