5 Best Drought-Resistant Plants for Landscaping

Drought-Resistant Plants

Australia is one of the driest places in the world, with some regions in South Australia only enjoying as much as 159mm of rainfall annually. If you happen to live in a typically arid region, then you’ll find landscaping to be a bit of a challenge and require the help of Landscapers. After all, what plants are going to thrive when it’s hot and dry?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to have sand and stones and no greenery. Some plants thrive in droughts and dry conditions that can form part of your outdoor paradise. Here are a few must-have plants for drought-ridden parts of Australia.


Agave might not be the most vibrant garden plant, but for landscaping in areas with minimal rainfall, it ticks all the boxes. Agave has thick green foliage and roots that dig deep into the soil layers. These roots manage to scope out available water when you didn’t think there was any. The leaves are also sharp, but the plant is unusual, low care, and requires minimal to no watering, which is why it is recommended by many landscapers.

Fraser Island Apple

Even though you have to offer this plant plenty of care as it reaches maturity, once it does, it no longer needs you. Fraser Island Apple is an evergreen tree that’s ideal for dry gardens. It prefers coastal conditions, loves free-draining soil, and will attract bees and butterflies to your landscaping. It’s a beautiful, low maintenance tree that grows clusters of cream flowers.

Callistemon Little Caroline

With vibrant bottlebrush-like flowers and evergreen foliage, Little Caroline stands out in a league of its own. This drought-loving plant is one that suits most soil types. It’s also ideal for hedging and bordering, and attracts birds with its lovely colours. Little Caroline is forgiving, loves full sun, and establishes itself in the ground after a few months.

Black Knight

Black Knight, or Cordyline Australis, is a striking black and purple plant with lovely leaves and dramatic accents. It’s hardy, grows to around two metres tall, and suits any challenging weather and landscaping conditions. It does prefer the cold, but will also not sulk if you don’t give it any. The only setback you will face is that it may not reach its full height in hot conditions. Plant Black Knight in well-draining soil with mulch and fertiliser.

Crassula Dubia

Crassula Dubia is a unique and unusual succulent that you can plant inside or outside your home. It gives off the appearance of being a pile of teaspoons and has fat and fleshy leaves. When it matures, it grows florets that look like broccoli. When this succulent grows, it’s hardy and drought-resistant. It requires watering from time to time but does not sulk if you don’t offer it.

Landscaping with challenging weather conditions is no easy feat. It requires patience and the best selection of drought-resistant plants. Plant this selection above, and see how well they thrive.