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Which Type of Automatic pool Cleaner is Best

Automatic pool Cleaner

If you are tired of constantly cleaning your pool, it may be time to invest in a automatic pool cleaner. The trouble is, since there are several types you may not know which one is best.  In fact, all of them do a good job for the kind of cleaning they were designed to do, so to choose the best type for your pool, you first need to look at the type of debris that gets in it.

Large debris

If the pool is close to trees and shrubs that drop leaves, nuts or berries and twigs into the pool, or if grass seems to be a problem in the pool, choose a cleaner that is good for cleaning larger debris. These are called pressure cleaners. Some types connect straight to the pool pump, while others have a booster pump. The cleaner moves around the pool using the water pressure and it has its own bag to hold the debris, which saves you cleaning the pool filter so much.